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CO2 Freezing Treatment

Cryonite® is a non-toxic new treatment and has been used broadly to kill many types of insect pests, including bed bugs. We are a pioneer in introducing these innovative and effective non-toxic pest control treatment systems to Philadelphia, US. It is a treatment for pest control that kills pesticide-resistant bed bugs in all their life stages by rapid freezing. The Cryonite® machine sprays CO2 snow at -110º F.

in the Cryonite® method, the extreme cooling properties of liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide) used to kill pests. In this process, liquid CO2 is converted into an exceptionally cold, dry ice snow that throws, and it freezes the bud begs to death. The CO2 snow is non-poisonous and leaves no damp or sticky deposits. As it freezes the bugs, there is no chance of any detention from the pests. We use pure CO2 that has no contamination risk even if it could be applied to sensitive areas. 

The Cryonite® mixture is tested and verified to provide optimum results against bed bugs and pests. We always take help from attested and valid equipment that used to blow CO2, so the snow gets deep into all areas, either its bedding, cracks, crevices, or any underside of wooden furniture. CO2 storms directly attack them and make them freeze enough that the bugs become irresistible and get dead. A steady stream of snow vapors crosses deep down the areas that are inaccessible by any other treatment.

Keeping the environment clean is our biggest priority, so we offer such methods that keep the atmosphere fresh. We are glad to tell you that the CO2 Freezing Treatment is budget-friendly and used in this method is non-toxic and doesn’t add any harm component and extra gas (CO2) in the atmosphere. 

The cryolite ® method has no smell and implications for health. The technique doesn’t need to be evacuated; therefore, it is  applicable for homes as it is ineffective for children, older people, and pets. It is useful for hotels and motels as it doesn’t leave any smell and residue and effects maximum to kill bed bugs. CO2 treatment kills bugs instantly, so they are convenient to use in offices, colleges, and other buildings. 

Don’t suffer more for those tiny disgusting bed bugs. Just call us to make your place bed bug free.



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