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Chemical Spray Treatments

We at, Expert Exterminating offer a chemical spray treatment, registered by EPA to eliminate bed bugs from your place. It could be home, college, or workplace. Our bed bug management team surveys and investigates the affected area and strictly follows the insecticides’ label to make sure about the usage and directions. 

We care about our clients’ health and hygiene. We only use EPA registered insecticide that is recommended to use indoors only. The experts know how to save mattresses, couches, and other indoor areas that are in direct interaction with kids and pets. 

We keep all safety measures with prior direction for how to save home members from Chemical Spray Treatments’ allergy and exposure. 

The treatment is not over here. After the Chemical Spray Treatment, our team of experts inspected again to make sure that no bed bug could be alive. Your comfort and bedbug free space are mandatory for us.   

After re-inspection, if they found any symptoms of bed bugs again, which could be missed in initial spray treatment, we retreat the infested area unless it gets free not only from bed bugs but their nymphs and eggs too. 



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