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Bed Bug Inspections

The inspection to exactly find out these bugs required a higher level of expertise. The bug’s life cycle includes an adult bed bug, nymphs and eggs. Adult bed bugs are few millimeters while nymphs and eggs are microscopic and invisible from naked eye. It is only a myth that you can handle bed bugs with home remedies and DIY solutions. 

We customized bed bug inspection according to the needs of the customer and infected area. It also depends upon size of rooms, number of rooms and intensity of problem. Our team of expert visits and suggest options accordingly.

  • Visual Inspection by Technicians

The bed bug technician thoroughly inspects all the areas  that include mattresses, bedding, nightstands, headboards, and other furniture of the house. As the inspection required licensed, and skilled workers that could be able to distinguish actual bed bugs because not all pests are bed bugs. On the basis of their expertise they know well the behavior of bed bugs, on which area they affect surely. Usually such inspection is more useful for small houses with two to three rooms. 

Over all, the visual inspection by technicians include:

  • Checking Bed bugs in the joints and bonds of the bed and upholstery.
  • Detecting Bed bugs in rifts and crevices, under the mattress and box springs.
  • Evidence, like dot size, marks with a noticeable odor that is found on sheets or surrounding walls. 

Canine Inspection

We are one of the best Bed Bug Exterminators in Philadelphia that offers canine inspection. Our certified dogs detect live bed bugs, their eggs, and infected areas with a strong smell sense through mattresses, inside walls, and furniture. Canines are highly accurate, fast, and quick to detect Bed bugs. It is the only method that can detect bed bugs at any of its life cycle stages.

The process is cost-effective as well as creates less interruption. We provide a set of rules to customers prior to canine inspection that includes safety measures of dogs. For example, there must be no use of any kind of pesticides 30 days before the canine inspection — no household cleaner and smoking material usage at least three hours before. There should be no other pet at home during the detection process



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